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Specializing in Mediations & Legal Case Evaluations

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Experience Matters.

I have been involved in the practice of law in one fashion or another, since 1993. I primarily have been involved in insurance defense-based practices. I practiced within in two notable insurance defense firms in Milwaukee and Madison. Additionally, I have been employed by two insurance companies in the roles of Claims Manager as well as Vice President of Underwriting and Claims. As a Claims Manager, I was exposed to the practice of law throughout the United States.


I gained significant experience in mediations as I was personally involved in approximately 250 mediations. As the Vice President of Underwriting and Claims, I gained a keen insight into the issues faced by lawyers practicing in Wisconsin. As a result of the above experiences, I believe I have significant knowledge, experience and insight into the practice of law, litigation and the need for the mediation process. I will use all of that to provide the best mediation process possible.



  • Private, voluntary process in which a mediator assists participants to...

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    345 US dollars
  • Understand every aspect of your case and evaluate next steps.

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    300 US dollars
  • Develop personalized strategies to proactively assess and manage legal...

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    300 US dollars
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